Elite Medical Equipment Trading is a young and fast growing company led by a team with many years of experience in serving hospitals in UAE.We are working closely with clinicians and other healthcare professionals and to develop our products and provide solutions...

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Elite Medicals is carrying a group of most advanced technologies in the fields of Gynecology, IVF, Emergency, Physical Therapy, and Educational and Products.Elite Medicals is the exclusive agent in United Arab Emirates for the following companies:
EasyCryo, France
Safe Obstetric Systems, UK
Precision Medical Devices, USA


Elite Medicals is providing different services to the different fields of health care and laboratory sector including:
Integrated solutions with the highest and most advanced technologies for Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmacies
Effective training for Doctors, Nurses and the sales and service staff of our sub-distributors and dealers.

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Dubai - UAE.

P.O. Box:
+971 4 252 2225
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E-mail: info@elitemedicals.net
Web: www.elitemedicals.net